Saturday, 22 March 2014

Year book : Workshop / Poster


The format that was devised worked by having eight posters that fold down from A2 to A4 put together and are then bound together using an elastic band. This format works both as poster and as a book. For the posters we wanted to again have work that is directly from interdisciplinary so we invited them as a year group to engage in a workshop and create posters that will sit within the year book. Everyone divided into eight groups and they created eight posters in mediums that most suit them as a group. This worked well as we feel that by them creating the posters from a task we have set it means they have directly contributed to this year book making it further more about them as a year group.

This was a really great day and was a good opportunity to get to know and understand the course further. We feel like the workshop was a great success and that we were able to achieve something unique and personal to them directly for the year book. We also took this opportunity whislt everyone was together to get people to engage in the cover for the year book by connecting themselves manually with a pen with other people on the course that they have connected with


Above is an example of one of the posters that was created from the workshop. The posters will at A2 size and will only be revealed if a person chooses to fold out the year book. The posters are available as an extra bonus/ commemoration / free piece of art work that people can put up on their walls . 

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