Tuesday, 25 March 2014

YCN : pet plan - Build your own programme

This is the mocked up version of the pet profile. Me and Lisa wanted to highlight the point that each animal like humans are idividual so by creating the programme which acts as a pet profile for your pet it allows the owner to personalise the programme with thier pets information. 

On the front their is a space with a paw. Inside this space is where you would place your pet portrait. The paw Is sticky and so the photograh would stick on no hassle.
Above is the page where you would insert details specific to your pet
The pet profile can be personalised to the pet and owner. There are corner slots that slow the owner to pick up alter and thinks like recipe cards that relate directly to their pet. This way the pet profile will all be relevant and the owner won't have to waste time flicking through things that don't my matter to then 

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