Sunday, 16 March 2014

Mum+dad: concept/Design development


In the book I want to feature two linocuts that symbol different parts in parents lives. The love token will represent the love the parents had before they became parents and the carving on the tree will represent life once they became parents, less detailed, faster, a bit sketchy but still involves love.



I am happy with how the lino cutting has worked out I think it works as a nice piece of imagery and it works with the concept of time as it was a time consuming process to do but i think it was definitely worth it.

Book Bind:

I have decided to leave the bind exposed as I feel it is a good representation of a reminder, as you don’t normally see the spine and bind of a book so you don’t think about it, but when it is out on show like this you remember it, which is one of the purposes of the book to remind parents. 

Printing experiments:


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