Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Mum+dad : research

Love Token:




To represent the side of the parents before they had children I have been looking at Victorian love tokens, which as the name suggests was a token of love. I really enjoy the intricate detail, time and effort that has gone into producing these and think it is a concept that could be pursued. 

Time x Process:


Two more processes that might be worth while looking into are book binding and linocut as they once more are process which are very time consuming but very intricate and the outcome is usually something very beautiful. 


When rehearsing into if it is possible to CMYK separate layers on an inkjet printer I came across the above project where someone printed printers through four different ink jet printers. The effect is really unique and is definitely something I shall explore further. To the right are my first experimentations into layering up the CMYK. 

Book primary research:

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