Thursday, 6 March 2014

Year Book : meeting format


After having a meeting with Phil and discovering that the only available format to us was a poster we were all a little bit stumped. We were originally told we would be / were aloud to do a year book the same as everyone else, so that is what we had told inter and that is what they were expecting. We had a meeting set to have with inter where we were to discuss format and they were to bring in examples of formats that they enjoy. We did not want to cause an uproar by telling them that they were now only getting a poster, nor did we just want to design a poster so we wanted to create a way of having 'posters' that form a book.

Through the act of play I was able to develop a format which would technically be posters but that would fold to make a proper book. This format would be 8 posters at a2 size which would fold down to make an a4 book which could be bound with an elastic band. 

We pitched this idea to inter and the graphics teams were really happy to pursue this format as from the meetings we had discovered that as a year group they were very excited by newspaper style formats and this would be similar. 

We then showed this format to Tony the printer and he okayd it as a format so as it stands our year book for inter will be an A4 sized booklet that when taken apart will fold out into 8 a2 posters.

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