Monday, 10 March 2014

mum+dad : audience / context


The audience would be a person who appreciates the aesthetics of old analogue photography. They may be parents who can relate to the feeling of losing who they were, or they might be the a daughter or son who feel like they do not know who their parents were be- fore them. The audience would be male or female aged 25- 45 with an interest in lifestyle photography. 


 The Mum + Dad book would be suitable to sell in shops such as village where I took the above photograph. Village is an independent Leeds book shop and they seem to house many photography books with a strong focus on life style photography, so I feel my book about the life of parents would fit in here. They sell an array of books which vary greatly in price. There are some luxurious books and many interesting lo-fi books. The range of books really helped widen my eyes to how to approach this brief

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