Sunday, 17 November 2013

TRM: Research


Feral Sphere:

We designed the identity for the new t-shirt and fashion label 'Feral Sphere' by Holly James. Our design is inspired by Japanese Shinto spirits and the ghost in the TV series 'Lost'. As with most of our work there are many logos and none. Each configuration has its own Japanese name. Some of the letters on all printed materials are mirrored or turned upside down; they represent those people who can see ghosts or spirits. Illustrations by 

I enjoy the combination of artists drawings and simple graphic design elements. It fits well with 'branding' an artist as art is never really a brand and the art itself creates an identity the design element just harnesses it

The Collection:

The idea for the identity relates to multiple prints, limited editions and artist signatures. The execution is relatively simple: Everything is based on an A5 format with punched holes. We used screen printing which allowed us to change colours on the printing bed and makes each print unique. Larger signs are made up by several A5 boards and the thickness is achieved by hanging several signs in front of each other. For the logo we asked the client to write the name in their own handwriting connecting two dots equivalent to the punched holes.

I have been looking at this work as it is all screen printed which gives a really beautiful effect. I will definitely be screen printing all of toms works as it is the most appropriate way to represent his work.

Blustin Design :

With a very small budget we designed the identity and stationery for this architecture and interior practice based in East London. The design is inspired by architectural hatch patterns which are used to distinguish different building materials. As most of the communication will be printed in-house on the client's own printer it was important that the design was economical and easy to reproduce. We encourage the client to change the paper stock as often as possible.

Dominic Reeves:

We designed the logo and a few print applications for up and coming furniture and product designer Dominic Reeves.

I want to create a pack to send toms work and business card off in so the above work has been useful to look at to see different ways you can package paper together as a mailer.

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