Saturday, 2 November 2013

Adopt A Band : Audience and context


For the first part of this brief where it will be an active campaign outreaching to musicians our audience will be predominately musicians varying in genres form bands to djs etc. The musicians will have an interest in wanting to preform / be noticed they will be in need of design work and interested in collaborating with designers. They will have an interest in visual aesthetics and have an understanding of design and how it plays a part in the music industry. They will be male or female ranging from 18-28, students and professionals. music could be a hobbie and enjoyable output that they do, or something they do professionally.

For the second half of the brief where we are working with the band the audience will once again have to be re addressed for each individual band which will aid in making the design more focused to the audience and there fore effective.


The context is very important for the first part of the brief as we will have to target musicians. A list of places we could place our campaign could be:

Gig venues
Leeds college of music
recording studios
music shops
instrument shops
vinyl shops
coffee shops

These will be places we will target and where our work for this project would be seen

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