Friday, 15 November 2013

Dr.Mr - Initial collaboration


On the day of the workshop I was paired with Ste. We spoke about different concepts that we could base our flag around. Ste wanted to focus the flag on an issue in the world but it was hard to find one that was relevant. I then suggested that we focus on the concept of collaboration and break down what collaboration is:

working as one

from this list the concept of sharing interested me most. whilst I developed the concept of sharing, ste researched into visuals.


When thinking about the sharing concept the thing that came to my mind was food. Food is something that is shared a lot and visually I think this could work well. Another option that could represent sharing is pairs, things that come in pairs are an act of sharing.

The flag could represent foods that myself and ste like,  and represent sharing foods.
 Another option could be that the flag itself can be split down the middle and whatever is on the flag is shared down the middle.
The concept of splitting the flag down the middle would represent sharing and collaboration and actual act of splitting the flag would mean that at the end of the exhibition myself and ste would be able to share the flag and take half home each. I think this concept works really well and is something that can be explored further.

Visual style :

Ste has been researching into visual style and he is ver keen for us to use negative space in the style of noma bar. I like the idea that when the flag is together it will make one image in the negative space and when the flag is split in two it becomes two images that work on their own.

Bear and Fish:

We developed the visuals into a bear and fish as ste wanted the flag to represent a coastal town. I would have fathered the flag represent us but as long as the concept of splitting the flag and sharing was still there the bear and fish was fine with me.

During the workshop we sketched up the below fish and bear. When the flag is together the fish is visible but when the flag is split in two the fish disappears and one person gains a bear head and the other the bear paw. I later digitised the bear and fish and ste said he would work on smoothing it out.


It felt like the day had been a great success and that we had developed a strong concept for the flag and that we had developed a resolved outcome concluding the day brief. 


 when it came to coming back together to just fine tune what we had created on the day it turned out that ste had re done the flag and left out the concept of the flag being a collaboration and being shared at the end. There was no longer the option of the flag being torn in two and each person taking up a piece of the bear. I pointed this out and we tried to re incorporate the sharing back into the flag by using two bear heads but the effect was gone. Ste really like the outcome he had created and as it no longer included anything that I had contributed to it did not feel like a collaboration anymore so I decided to re-do the flag brief with Greta as she is next to me on the register too.

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