Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Old book new : concept development


For the initial concept I want to develop the idea of subscription. The most common thing people subscribe to are magazines where they know roughly what they are getting as they know the concept of the magazine. 

I want to create a subscription where by the person would get an element of surprise each time as they would not know what the book in question would be.This would be A way of introducing the person to new things, it may broaden their horizon or teach them something new. The subscription would run every other month and be based on a different book each time. It will be produced in a fairly lo-fi way so that it would not cost the person too much money, but at the same time not cut back on quality or longevity. 


'Svbscription is a luxury service for men that periodically delivers a thoughtfully curated collection of objects to subscribers' doorsteps. The brand’s V3 parcel explored the notion of leisure, encouraging subscribers to take advantage of their time off the clock with objects to entertain and inspire. Based on the overall branding and packaging concept we established for Svbscription, we experimented with a playful format for the booklet, we designed a fun fold-out poster. We connected Svbscription with NYC artist Jason Woodside, who created the poster's vibrantly colorful paintings.'

This is a project that Ro&co have done for Svpscription and it shows off a similar concept that I want to achieve through old book new except my subscription is for a wider audience, based on books with the purpose of highlighting how great old books can be. I really enjoy this project by Ro&Co as they manage to make each subscription look new and exciting. I want to achieve this same effect for my Old book new.


-develop concept
- develop designs

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