Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Old book new : audience and contect


As this brief is about reinventing something old, to something new, the audience will be on the younger side of life, ranging from 18 - 35 years old. The audience will have a key interest in discovering new things, reading and up-cycling. 


The context for where Old book New would be sold is in arts based shops. This is because I want the packs to be of limited edition, to make the buyer feel they have got something unique. Within the pack there will be something that will be editions such as a screen print, which will add to the feeling of having something unique. As well as selling the Old book New in old
Shops, there will be a small run given to the charity shop where the old book was purchased from in the first place (all old books will be found in charity shops), the shop will be able to decide how much they want to charge and will give 100% of the money.

An online platform will sell the subscription that will arrive at the persons house as magazine subscriptions do. The amount of packs givento shops will be limited run, but with the subscription everyone will be catered for.  

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