Saturday, 26 October 2013

TAMARILLO: Further logo development

Simon mentioned in a crit about copyright rules and typography, he advised that it is best to create the typeface yourself. I took this advise and adapted the century gothic 'tamarillo' into something of my own.

To make sure that the typeface reflects the concept of tamarillo I have ensured that is is very structured, Each angle is exactly the same as is the thickness of each letter. This very systematical approach is a representation of the bands structure within songs and systems.

I am happy with how the type now look and the fact that is is now created to be relevant with the concept of tamamrillo so it there for is an accurate represantion of them

Further experimentaions:

I have been experimenting with the new tamarillo applying it in different ways I have also created the typography for the sings killing time so that everything is matching and coherent

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