Saturday, 19 October 2013

Looking for trouble : Design Development (logo)

Logo Development:

For the front of the book I want their to be a title which would / could act as a logo and not just a title. This way it would mean that the publication has the option to be made into a range of items and also adds a feel of personality and character as a logo has to represent the product.

Below is the development for the logo. Some variations are very simplistic which although will probably look aesthetically pleasing, it does not capture the personality of the book that I want to achieve. The logos which do seem to embody personality are those which are based around the concept of the book 'Looking For Trouble' I tried to represent this  in a few ways using the magnifying glass, eyes, and a fine tooth comb. These work better but I felt the magnifying glass and eyes were too obvious and the fine tooth comb to unobvious. 

Through going through the trip advisor comments I started to notice that one word is used over and over and it is one that I rarely (if ever) have heard being used in a conversation. This word is 'Gripe'. When reading this over and over and doing the logo development along the side, the concept came about where by this book of people looking for trouble becomes as a collective 'a bunch of gripes' playing on the phrase ' a bunch of grapes'. This then gave me a clear visual which is not too obvious and the reader will understand the concept of the gripes through reading the subheading of the book and then through reading the book and seeing the word crop up so many times it will really hit home.

The above three variations of the logo are what I feel work the best in capturing the essence of the book. The bunch of gripes grape logo highlights the humour of the book as it works as a 'pun' making the audience aware it is a light hearted book. the  use of quotation marks ' ' work as a way of doing 'air quotes' that people sometimes do when they are being sarcastic it shows that the book is about people looking for trouble.. but not real trouble ... 'trouble'. I also enjoy the  aesthetic use of the boarder at the top and bottom this will work as a good way of enclosing the visual on the front cover.


Now that I have the first initial development of the logo I will be digitise it and develop it further. The next step for this project is more research and more gathering of complaints from trip advisor, and also developing the layout.

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