Friday, 18 October 2013

Looking for trouble : Audience / Context

Audience :

The audience is male and female 20-33, with a key interest in humour and also an interest in exploring Cities using hotels. They themselves will not be petty complainers and will see the absurdity and humour in the comments that people have written. They would individuals who many not be able to go on longer holidays abroad so may turn to city weekend breaks as an alternative or they may just have a key interest in cities themselves. 


The context for where Looking for trouble would be sold would be varying Book shops. Looking for trouble would be suitable for travel and tourist shop, waterstone tourist section and things alike, but it would also be appropriate for shops such as village bookstore as it is a book with a humorous edge.

In terms of where/how the book would be used would depend on the user, but due to size and volume of what the book will become it would be most suitable to use as a book that could be referenced and looked through when in the planning stage of a trip deciding where to go/stay. So it would be a book that would stay at home and be something that can either be looked at for the humour or for the information and digested slowly rather then going through it all at once.


Now that I have a clear idea for Concept, I have defined and recognised my audience and context and have began a body of research that will be furthered and added to, I feel I can now start developing the design at the same time as gathering the trip advisor comments which will be quite time consuming.

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