Friday, 25 October 2013

Looking for trouble : Design Development (layout)

Layout :

When thinking about the layout I wanted it to as simplistic as possible, whilst maintaing an aesthetically pleasing and engaging layout. The reason for the need of a simplistic look is because this is going to a very content heavy book, there will be a lot of information and different locations, hotels, complaints so I am going to have to find a way of laying things so that it is clear and easy to follow what is going on.

This is the layout that I think will work the best in separating information and making the book look simplistic and approachable rather than content heavy, which is important as this is meant to be a humorous book so it can not look like a time heavy off putting book. I have sectioned and distributed the information through the use of tipins and the maps and also colour. Each city will be colour coded to a specific colour making it obvious that the city has changed. Another thing which will highlight this is that a map of that city will be placed at the beginning of each city change making the viewer aware that the city has changed to a different one.

For the information about each individual hotel I will use tipins and they visually are not as intrusive as a full page of text. It is a smaller space which will mean I will be more selective with what information goes on the tipin and thus more to the point and helpful. The use of the tipin will also help highlight when the hotel changes to different hotel as it will act as an obvious break between each hotel.

The actual layout of the book in terms of the complains, will be very simple, it will be purely typographic one one page and an image on the other page which will compliment the ridiculous complaint as the image will show the hotel perfectly.

Now that I have the initial layout I can now digitise it and play around more with how things will work.

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