Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Year book : finished product (mock)

The year book cover will feature all the students placed as co-ordinates and all the lines that they have created connecting themselves to others. An outer cover has been used to house all the information such as course title , college name and full names of students so that all the information is concise and clear and does not obstruct the cover.

The layout that we chose to use is very fluid whilst following a set of grrules. We chose to use a fluid layout as it best represents the course as they are a group of individuals so we 
wanted to represent them that way by giving each of them their own layout.

Above is how the poster and book layout will look when folded out from A4 to A2. On the back will be the layout of the book which will not make sense as it will be upside down etc but this will make it clear that the front of the poster is the other side which will feature the work from the workshop. This has worked really well as it is a chance to show off even more work. 

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