Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Looking for trouble : finished outcome

Final images :

The book cover is simple, with a use of strong contrasting black and white. From research most travel guides are very garish in colour, so I think by doing something sleek and black and white it will stand out. The book also come packed in a plastic grape big to complement the concept that the book is a bunch of gripes. 

I wanted to keep all the information about each hotel very short but with all the essential information you need about the hotel. Often you have to read through chunks of text to find out the essentials which are most of the time pretty basic, but you have to search for them within the text which takes time. 

This is where the comments on trip advisor will come into full swing. The comment I have picked out are the ones which you read and think, why on earth would they right that! and stir up some sort of emotion within you. To make sure that the comments are not read as a negative reflection to the hotel I have paired up each comment with an image that reflects the pettiness of the trip advisor comment.


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