Friday, 2 May 2014

Celebrity Worship: concept

Stained Glass

A traditional way of depicting someone who is worshiped by many is thorough stained glass windows. Stained glass has been used for a very long time to illustrate religious figures who are worshiped. The Medium of stained glass is itself very beautiful and the connection to worship ties it in well to my exhibition which would be a 21st century depictation of worship.
I am in contact with a stained glass window artist Caryl Hallett who is very interested in collaborating on this exhibition if it gets the chance to become a reality. In an exhibition environment the stained glass would be very striking and would describe the concept of celebrity worship beautifully.


Continuing with the religious theme I have been looking into Church ephemera which is usual quite unique and recognisable as a product. I am going to emulate this aesthetic for Celebrity Worship as it will highlight the light hearted side to the exhibition and is also a relevant aesthetic to have for the concept. 

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