Saturday, 3 May 2014

Winterlight festival : initial brief

Janie from fashion came in to deliver us a brief to design the branding and identiity for and exciting even in sowerby bridge called Winterlight festival. It a festival of light that happens annually during the month of May. The event itself is free and relies heavily on community support to put it together, which is a really nice aspect of the event as it involves everyone and people are passionate about the event. Janie is after an identity for the festival so that they can advertise it more further a field as the event is growing and getting things like funding.

The purpose of this brief is to create an a recognisable identity for Winterlight festival so that it can grow and expand and become a more widely recognisable event. People in Sowerby Bridge also need to know more about what happens at the event and this is something Jannie said was an issue. 

Things janie is looking a for: 
(All promotional goods) 

I am excited by this brief as the event itself seems really great and the esssence of helping each other out is also something which I enjoy 

Myself, Lizzi and mike have decided to work together for this pitch as we feel it would be benifical as Say My Name to gain a client to work with after college

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