Thursday, 17 April 2014

Sunday Best : design development

Half cut :

I chose to use Half Cut as a typeface as it is a contemporary modern typeface. This will complement the concept of the vintage high quality clothing that has a contemporary feel. It is a simple sans serif font that will complement the simple aesthetic of the timeless cloths.

Logo development:

Further logo development:

Resolved Logo :

- Women

- Children

- Accessories

- Mens

For the logo I have developed a system where each clothing line is represented by a different stitch. The stitches can be used as a symbol that can represent the clothes line in a simplistic way. 


Using the different stitches I have derived a pattern that could be used to represent the whole range of clothing. It features the stitch for menswear, womens wear, kids wear and accessories. When the pattern uses the stitches collectively it showcases the design as stitches clearly. 

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