Monday, 14 April 2014

Sunday Best : Concept

Concept :

The simplified concept of Sunday Best is that it is a concoction of old vs new. It is that act of taking beautiful timeless vintage pieces and styling them for the contemporary world. Vintage clothing has a certain luxurious feel to it, it has the ability to withstand time, wear and tear, due to the quality of the manufaction. Today clothing is so mass produces that the quality is not there, this concept of quality is something that I want to convey, that and the twist of vintage x modern.

Clothes tag:

As Sunday Best is a brand that is centred around vintage clothing I want the logo to have connections / similarities to vintage clothes labels. The brand takes vintage clothes and add a contemporary twist, and this is what I want the logo to do. 

A Stitch :

I want to represents the quality and longevity of the vintage clothing. A lot of the time today clothes fall apart or don’t have that same level of craftsmanship as clothing from yeastier year. Stitching in clothing is a way to telling the quality and this is something I want to experiment with. 

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