Saturday, 5 April 2014

Face in-t'mud : initial concept


Lo-fi -

The magazine is intended to be seen as a lo-fi - DIY publishing piece. The aspect of Lo-fi is due to the fact that we would want this quarterly magazine toe be a freebee so if the production is Lo-fi costs will stay down. One way this could be done is through the use of news print stock as it is very cheap and holds that lo-fi aesthetic well. 


The trip each time is very spontanious and left up to fate as we will visit the town once and whatever happens that day will end up in the magasine. Above is a list of things that could happen / things to look out for. 


To keep with the Lo-fi qulaity and aesthetic we will be using analogue cameras. By using a film camera I feel you capture more personality of the location as the colours that come out are very true. This is very important to our magazine as we want to represent individuality of each place in yorkshire and so grain and grizzly bits will aid in capturing the raw yorkshire towns.

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