Friday, 14 February 2014

Year book : initial brief


Create the year book for Leeds college of Art BA(hons) course Interdisciplinary (art and design). The year book will include examples of all the graduating students from that course, and will also include information about the course itself from the lead tutor. 

The purpose of the year book is to showcase the students in a positive reflection that shows off the hard work that they have put in during their time at Leeds College of Art. It will act as a way of promoting the students and their work to potential clients / buyers of their work, and also as a way of celebrating them as a year group.

This brief will be a collaboration between myself, Lizzi, Mike and Greta. We pitched for this brief initially as just myself, Lizzi and Greta but after talking with Mike we decided that this would be a great opportunity to work together and as this is a brief that will undertake a lot of work and time we felt having the four of us together with our skill set will work well. 

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