Monday, 27 January 2014

Lotions&Potions : Initial Brief


Design the identity, branding and promotion for DIY all natural beauty shop Lotions & Potions. Lotions & Potions creates the beauty product in front of you, you order as if you were placing an order in a cafe and they will mix up a fresh fruit beauty potion just for you. This is one way of guaranteeing that you are not using any nasty chemicals in your beauty regime and you know exactly where and what is in your product.

This is a beauty shop that I myself would want to visit as DIY facial masks are easy but time consuming so Lotion & potions acts as that spring board speeding up the process of using all natura all freshl diy beauty product.

This is a skin care product with the concept of all natural everything in that shop is fresh. The purpose of this briefs is the design and brand the shop as if it was going to open 

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